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Luna and Saya is a handmade jewelry business based out of Tucson, AZ. Marina began Luna + Says as a means to express herself artistically and find fulfillment to her life. It began in February of 2017 when she accidentally stumbled on a polymer clay earring. From there, the obsession began. All her earrings are handmade from this medium. Polymer clay is a plastic clay that when baked, hardens and becomes semi flexible.

Marina currently runs a one-woman show, this means taking majority of her photos, designing, creating, making, baking, sanding, and packaging all her work while working a full-time job. It is a heck of dedication, but she finds it beyond rewarding when she sees the end products.

Marina: "It is a thrill and adrenaline rush bringing to life my vision. My business name, “Luna + Saya” has a very deep meaning that is dear to my heart. The word “Luna” is Spanish for “moon.” It is also one of my last names, Luna being my mother’s maiden last name from her paternal side. My mother has played such a vital role in developing me into the woman I am today and this was a way to give her tribute. She is an amazing soul and an absolute warrior. We did not grow up with riches, but her unconditional love was far more rich than any material possession I could have asked for. She taught be to be kind, loving, humble, and when meeting someone, to always make sure you had touched their life in a positive way. There is nothing I would not do for my mother. Luna is an energy and powerfully charged word as it represents the energies of the moon. I am a spiritual person and believe deeply in the power and energy the moon provides to all beings on earth. The moon is also symbolic of rebirth and change—we see this throughout its eight phases. This represents room for continued growth and change in humanity as we are ever evolving.

The word “Saya” (pronounced SIE-YAH) was a word I found while searching for another name to include in my business. Saya is a word that represents the emotions and values I seek to portray in my everyday life, not only in my business. In Japanese, “Saya” is a symbol of peace. In Turkish, it means to be sincere and honest. In the Tagalog language, it means to have fun and be HAPPY! In an Indian language, it means your soul. This was important as it portrayed all these beautiful meanings in a simple, four lettered word. Since these were values I lived by on a daily basis, it only made sense I make this part of my business. Two strong and meaningful words to make my business name.  I am a first generation Mexican-American and could not be more proud of my heritage and my loving family. It is a very fun, loving, and bright culture that has influenced my work in so many ways—most importantly with the vibrancy of colors. My parents came into this country with a dream and a passion for a better life and now it is my turn to make that vision transcend all borders. They mean the Universe in its entirety to me! They are the reason I push forward through all the adversities I may face. I want to be a voice for Latina women owned small businesses and bring more light into the beauty of our cultures. I hope you find my pieces playful, bold, and beautiful. Let them be a subtle reminder of the true essence of YOU. A higher, divine being who is full of love, compassion, and kindness. The moment you wear our jewelry, you become part of our mission to give the best version of ourselves to life. Our highest self knows no limits and no boundaries. It is ready to conquer, defy all odds, and inspire others! Together, we can! Si se puede!"